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Notio designs and builds robot cells and automation.

We are a specialist, dynamic, versatile team with a passion for design and more than 30 years practical experience.

We enjoy the challenge of providing the best solution for every application.


If you are interested in reducing costs through automation but do not know what is possible we can help.

We can advise on how to gain maxium advantage from the use of robotics and automation.

We offer a FREE initial automation review to assess what would be possible for your business.


The speed, precision and flexibility of industrial robots offers great potential to add value to your manufacturing.

We know how to design and implement a robotic solution to deliver maximum benefit.

We provide a complete service from solution concept right through to extracting the last few percent of performance.


Automation is used extensively throughout manufacturing to reduce costs and increase productivity.

We are expert in identifying the right concept solution and providing simple robust systems.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to automate, whatever your industry, we can help.



Our small size and broad skill base makes us a responsive and flexible partner for all stages of an automation project.

Design Focused

The decisions made during design affect the whole life of a project. We believe good design is the foundation of long term profitability.


Our small size means that communication channels are direct and there are no barriers to working efficently together.


There is no substitute for experience. We have a good blend of theoetical knowledge, design skills and practical know how.


Sometimes the solution is obvious, other times it is hard to find. We persevere until we find the right solution for an application.


We believe in standardisation wherever possible but when an application needs something different we have the creativity to deliver.

Project Life Cycle

We can contribute at all stages of a project from prototype fixtures to full automation meaning the lessons learned are not lost but built on.


There is no substitute for experience.



We can advise on all aspects of automation and robotics.

We draw on our practical experience of automating many different manufacturing processes and on our insight into the commercial benefits that can be achieved.


Our consultancy is focused on how you could use robotics and automation to generate a high return on investment and remain competitive.


We extract baseline productivity and quality data to act as a benchmark to evaluate any potential solution against.


We identify suitable products and/or processes for automation, and generate concept solutions.


We identify and review appropriate technology for your particular application.


We evaluate potential solutions, considering feasibility, implementation costs and likely return on investment, to identify the best opportunities .


We document our findings in a clear, concise report.



As a way to kick start the process Notio offers a free of charge no obligation automation review to identify the best opportunities in your business for increasing productivity or reducing costs through the use of automation and robotics.


Do you know how much you could save by automating?



In the right application a robot can generate a high return on investment (ROI) and deliver multiple benefits. Our approach to the design of all aspects of a robotic system aims to maximise returns even in smaller applications.

Future Flexible

Robots are inherently flexible. We take full advantage by designing flexibility into the robot cell and considering options for future reconfiguration to adapt the cell for a different task or process at a later date.


A robot is a sophisticated and highly developed piece of equipment.  We are committed to providing robot cells that are easy to integrate into your production environment and easy to live with.

Cost Effective

Robot gripper design is important and our expertise in the design of multifunctional grippers means that we can extract the most from the robot to keep the overall cell as simple as possible and achieve a cost effective, reliable solution.


A RobotCube workcell installed at contact lens manufacturer CooperVision’s R&D facility in Southampton. It reduced the cycle time for contact lens transfer between moulding and curing processes by 30%.

The cell removed a manual step from the process improving the speed and accuracy of the operation and freeing up valuable operator time. The robot’s built in controller is used to manage the whole cell making it cost effective as well as being simple to set up and use.



Robots are widely used in industrial applications to deliver a whole range of benefits. Which benefit is of most value depends on the application.

Reduce Operating Costs #1:

Increase Productivity #2:

Improve Quality #3:

Enable Growth #4:

Reduce Waste and Increase Yield #5:

IRB 120 - mulitple positions

#6: Increase Flexibility

#7: Reduce WIP

#8: Save Factory Space

#9: Reduce HR Costs and Issues

#10: Improve Health & Safety



Standardised robot cells that can be quickly deployed, or re-configured, to provide a cost effective way of automating small, manual processes.

We are developing a range of standard robot cells for different applications and industries under the trade name ROBOTCUBE.

For more information visit www.robotcube.co.uk.


IFR statistics show that companies who invest in automation grow



We bring experience gained from the design and development of high speed, high technology automation and machinery to smaller scale projects.

Robust Design

Designed to perform and last in the way you expect from standard equipment.

As Simple As Possible

We strive for the simplest most reliable solution for each application.

Lasting Quality

Built using high quality components to help withstand the rigors of the production environment.

Cost Effective

Simple high quality solutions offer the lowest life cycle cost.



For any OEM Robot

We can design, build and supply any gripper for any make of robot.

Multi-functional Lightweight Grippers

Downstream automation can be simplified if a robot can perform more than one task.

Quick Change Grippers

Expand the capabilities of a system with automatic gripper exchange.



The following examples illustrate the technical diversity of our solutions and the breadth of industrial experience we offer. The examples relate to both specific client projects and industry innovations.


Compact Robot Cell
Insert Loader
Lube Fluid System
Multi-Functional Gripper
DVD Demould Cell
Two Material Over-Moulded Lancet
Closure Robotics
High Speed Pail Demoulding

Automate to reduce your costs and remain competitive.



We advise, we design, we build might be the headline but there are many important tasks that we routinely undertake to ensure every solution is designed and built to the highest standard and conforms to the appropriate legislation.

We place a lot of emphasis on design as we believe this underpins the success of any project.  In an automation project ‘the devil is in the detail’ and every hour we invest in the design pays off 4x during the build phase, and 10x when equipment is installed on site.

We use SolidWorks 3D CAD design.

We use the inbuilt power of 3D CAD to check critical parameters such as component strength.

We apply material properties to components as we design to get direct feedback about the mass or inertia of an assembly, and ensure the total weight of critical assemblies, such as robot grippers, is within specification.

We use FMEAs to reduce risk by identifying potential failure modes so they can be focused on and mitigated.

We undertake informal FMEA daily and formal documentated FMEAs as required throughout a project.

We undertake all control tasks in house.  Electrical schematics are designed using EPlan P8.

Our preference is for B&R PLC, HMI and motor control due to the integrated functionality it provides.

Safety is of paramount importance. Regular risk assessments are used to ensure that safety is considered throughout the whole of a project and that it does not restrict efficient operation of a system but is integral to it.

We have a clear understanding of the applicable industry standards and directives, and experience in the practical application to automation and robotic systems.

We believe documentation should be as simple as possible and present what is essential and useful in a easy to access format.

Typical documentation includes:

  • Operator manual
  • Quick reference sheets
  • 3D GAs
  • Electrical drawings
  • Spare parts list


Notio Limited was established in 2009 by Rod Mitchell, a chartered (FIMechE) Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineer with 25+ years experience in the design and development of high speed and high precision automation and robotics syetms across a wide range of industries.

Joy Mitchell is a degree qualified Mechanical Engineer, with 10 years experience working in the aerospace industry, and 5 years developing automation equipment for manufacturing companies.

Our area of special expertise is machine design, and our multidisciplinary skill base – mechanical, electrical and control – means we can provide true mechatronic solutions.

Working from our facility in Rugby, Warwickshire we are ideally placed to serve UK based manufaturing companies, helping them to use automation to maintain and expand their UK operations.

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